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PRGF by BTI Technology

Blood samples in labAt VT Perio, we specialize in some treatments designed to improve your safety and comfort. One of these treatments involves the placement of PRGF-Endoret or Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. PRGF is also known as platelet rich plasma (PRP).

What Is PRP?

Our blood is mostly comprised of a liquid we call “plasma” that contains red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. As the name suggests, platelet rich plasma is a by-product of the blood with a high concentration of platelets. These platelets are largely responsible for blood clotting and tissue regeneration, making PRP incredibly useful during and after oral surgery.

PRP has been around for a few decades, but only recently made its way to the field of periodontics. In the past, PRP was extremely expensive to produce, which is why it was limited to the hospital setting. Thanks to scientific advancements like BTI technology, plasma rich in growth factors can now be produced right here in our office!

Endoret Technology

PRGF-Endoret technology is the most advanced system for producing platelet rich plasma. We use PRGF-Endoret because it is the best technology available today. It is also the only PRGF technology that requires obligatory certifications, training, and continuous education. This ensures that you receive the best possible care!

PRGF is autologous, meaning it is obtained from your blood. During a minor procedure, Dr. Latypova will collect a small amount of your blood and place it in the Endoret centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the vial at an extremely fast rate until the blood is separated into distinct layers.

Once the platelets are concentrated into a single layer, we will extract it from the remaining plasma, and inject it into the surgical site. PRGF has some clinical applications in periodontics. Typically, we recommend the use of PRGF during bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, and dental implant surgery. The PRGF-Endoret technology is designed to promote tissue regeneration through protein stimulation of your stem cells.

Advantages of PRGF-Endoret

PRGF has some advantages, especially for oral surgeries designed to restore hard and soft tissues. Some of these advantages include:
•  Biocompatibility: Because PRGF comes from your own blood, it is 100% biocompatible. This eliminates the risk of disease transmission and rejection, making PRGF completely safe.
•  Effectiveness: PRGF and the Endoret system are highly effective for tissue regeneration. BTI technology produces the exact right concentration of platelets for optimal results.
•  Time Efficient: The PRGF-Endoret system has an extremely fast protocol thanks to improvements in technology and technique. It takes about eight minutes to centrifuge and 20 minutes for total preparation. Also, the application of PRGF does not require any additional procedures. We simply incorporate it into your surgical procedure.
•  Improved Healing Process: Perhaps the biggest advantage of PRGF is an improved healing process. It is the main reason we use PRGF and PRP. The high concentration of platelets stimulates your stem cells to produce faster tissue regeneration. It can also make your healing process much more comfortable.

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