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Piezo Surgical Unit

Thanks to technological advancements, the field of periodontics has seen vast improvements in preventive, restorative, and surgical treatments. New technology has led to the development of revolutionary new techniques like piezosurgery. At VT Perio, we utilize the piezo surgical unit to provide safer, more precise surgeries involving bone.

What Is Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery is based on the piezoelectric effect, a principle related to ultrasonic transduction. First developed by Dr. Tommaso Vercellotti in 1988, this technique utilizes an ultrasonic appliance known as the Mectron piezosurgery device. The vibrations produced by the ultrasonic appliance are transferred onto a drill, which produces a cutting, hammering movement at the tip of the device.

The piezo surgical unit consists of a drill handpiece that connects to the main unit holding irrigation fluids. These liquids are drawn to the handpiece and combined with the ultrasonic vibrations to produce a cutting effect on bony tissue.

The unit and technique allow for superior accuracy, effectiveness, and safety over traditional burs, drills, and saws. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, the piezo surgical unit cuts bone and only bone, leaving any soft tissue in the area unaffected. This also allows for micrometric cuts (for minimal invasion), selective cuts (for maximum precision), and the cavitation effect (leading to a blood-free surgical site).

Clinical Applications of Piezo Surgical Unit in Periodontics

There are some clinical applications for the piezo surgical unit, some of which include:
•  Root extraction
•  Apicectomy (to remove the tip of a root and address an infection or cyst)
•  Cystectomy (to remove an abnormal cyst from below the gumline)
•  Osteogenic distraction (to repair a skeletal deformity in the jaw)

In periodontics, the piezo surgical unit is often used for implant-related procedures, root planing, sinus lifts, and other bone grafting treatments. During your initial consultation, Dr. Latypova will be able to determine if piezo surgery is right for you. This usually depends on the current state of your oral health, and the type of periodontal or skeletal issue that needs correction. Your consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions and voice any concerns.

Advantages of the Piezo Surgical Unit in Periodontics

The piezo surgical unit has some advantages over traditional surgical methods. More precise cutting and safety is perhaps the biggest one. With no soft tissue damage, and no excess bone loss, piezo surgical is the ideal solution for delicate situations.

The unit also gives us greater control in regards to selective cutting and minimal invasion. This is especially useful during a sinus lift, which involves gently moving the sinus membrane upwards to make space for bone graft material.

The ultrasonic vibrations also allow for faster bone regeneration, a faster healing process, improved precision, and blood-free surgery. This will decrease any post-operative pain or discomfort you may experience.

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When it comes to oral surgery, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Our use of the piezo surgical unit is just one of the many reasons our office is unmatched by other periodontists. To learn more about our state-of-the-art facility call (802) 447-3199, and schedule your consultation today!
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